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How Files2U works


Files2U is a web-based service that allows you to send large files to a receiver without having to worry about the restrictions of email or slowdowns of FTP. Your files are transferred SECURELY from your browser using encryption. Files2U is a simple, fast and safe way to send large files over the web. Here's how it works:


The Sender...

  1. fills out a form, specifying recipient email address(es) and optional text message.
  2. submits this form and clicks "Upload Files".
  3. uses a Java™ applet to select and send files. The applet uses FileCatalyst acceleration whenever possible.
  4. receives email notifications after sending and also after recipient download.

Note: Files will be maintained on the server for only 48 hours before being auto-deleted.


The Receiver...

  1. gets an email indicating that a file package is waiting for download.
  2. follows a link to the download page and enters the PIN provided in the email.
  3. clicks a Java "Download" applet button to complete transfer. The applet uses FileCatalyst acceleration whenever possible.

Once the files have been downloaded, the original sender is notified via email that the transaction is complete.


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