Terms of Use


Before sending files with Files2U.com, you must agree to the following:


  • The Files2U.com service will be used in accordance with the laws of your country as well as any international laws which apply.
    • Files2U.com will not be used to send or receive illegal or copyrighted material
    • The sender has full ownership and/or permission to transfer file(s) using the service
    • Files will be deleted after 48 hours or at our sole discretion; during this time, ownership and responsibility for the files remains with the sender and is not transferred to Files2U.com or Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc.
    • The total size of all files sent cannot exceed 3GB
  • The service will not be used to “spam” or send files to any unsuspecting or unwilling recipients
  • Files2U.com is to be used at the sender's own risk. There is no warranty or guarantee (written, implied, or otherwise) that the Files2U service will retain data or provide redundancy and reliability.
  • Any failure to meet these terms will result in the upload task being terminated and related files being deleted.




Files2U.com will store the IP of senders and receivers as well as the dates of transactions. Part of the transaction record also includes email addresses used in message delivery. This information is never shared with 3rd parties in any way whatsoever, and is used only to facilitate the service.

Files2U.com is session-based, meaning that information such as that in the “Upload Form” persists throughout a transaction. This will be cleared when you close your browser.